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Commercial Services 

Initial (Clean-Out) Service

Complete Inspection inside and outside perimeters will include:

  • Identifying, evaluating and choosing the appropriate method of eliminating and preventing all pest
  • Taking note of any structural vulnerability; marking any places that may provide harborage or food source
  • Noting any sanitation problem and deciding which monitoring tools to implement 

Our maintenance and sanitation report and plan of action for existing pest will:

  • Make you aware of certain sanitation procedures to assure the pest will look elsewhere for food and shelter
  • Note all possible points of entry such as window seals, door jams, baseboards, sinks, and floor drains that require caulking, weather stripping, screening and/or repair
  • Review the present conditions of Kitchens, Lunchrooms, Restrooms, and Offices

Install tamperproof rodent stations around outer perimeter & inner entry points:

  • To ensure rodent stations at all applicable exit and entry points (dock doors, dumpsters, boiler/furnace rooms) and outer perimeter of fenced in property are out of reach of children and non-targeted animals

Elimination and exclusion of existing pest by:

  • Applying baits and if necessary pesticide in specific areas of infestation using a crack and crevice application; limiting the amount of toxicity while being mindful of public and environmental safety
  • Identifying areas that are in need of weather stripping and caulking (along baseboards, moldings, window seals, doors, sinks, and around pipes)
  • Screening necessary floor drains and sealing all holes 

Set up monitors and identify contact persons for feed back via:

Summarize and submit an account of methods used with:

  • A complete list of SDS for all products used
  • A list of locations and amount of baits and/or pesticides used 


(Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly & Quarterly)

Inspection of common areas (high traffic, food prep, dinning & utility rms) monitors & bait stations include:

  • Technicians making visual inspections of
  1. Entrences
  2. Exits
  3. Shipping and Receiving
  4. Kitchens
  5. Break Rooms
  6. Restrooms
  7. Offices
  8. Basements
  9. Dumpsters  

  • Evaluating, cleaning, dating, and replacing all monitors and rodent stations, if necessary
  • Treating/Inspection of targeted units, laundry rooms, complaints and problem units recently vacated

Identify and address conditions conductive to pest emergence by:

Reviewing original sanitation report to make sure recommended housekeeping and maintenance requests are observed by all employees

Submit inspection report to:

  • Discuss any new structural, housekeeping, and/or maintenance concerns that need to be addressed with client representative
  • Provide any emergency contact information should any questions or problems arise